Poetry in the night

Presented by Gianluca Masi


The appointment
Sully Prudhomme

It is late. On the tower the astronomer persists
in sounding the sky that exiles every noise.
He looks for golden islands: driven in the darkness
the glance looks for the shiver of unlimited dawns.

The worlds run away, like seeds under the riddle,
and agglomerate shines the dense nebula;
but he, fixed in the unbridled run of his star
orders it: "Come back in one thousand years".

And the star will obey. Not of a step or a while
it will be able to defraud the eternal science.
The men will pass, the mankind wait for it.

With a changing but sure eye it guards.
If on the return of the star it will be extinguished
alone, on the tower, the Truth will be awake.

Poetry in the night