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presented by Bellatrix AstronomicalObservatory, Ceccano (FR) Italy

Feb. 24, 2005. This week we post a marvelous image grabbed by Rob Gendler and showing the Orion Constellation, with plenty on nebular regions.

 Rob says: "It is composite mosaic image assembled from many hours of data including hydrogen alpha filtered exposures. The background is a 4 frame mosaic using the STL11000M and Nikon 180mm F2.8 (at F5.6). Components of the image were taken in higher resolution using a combination of different focal length instruments. The mosaic was assembled using Adobe Photoshop". 

Thanks to Rob for sharing their memorable image with us! You are invited to see his other images here.

The image is Copyright ©2005 of the author!


Information for the astro imagers- Informazioni per gli astrofotografi.

Amateur Astronomers worldwide are producing great images, using very different equipments. Both CCDs and traditional imaging are used to grab the wonders of the sky. Recently, stunning pictures of the heavens are captured with webcams and digicams. At Bellatrix Observatory, we think that it is very useful to share some of the most interesting images, so we created this page, in order to post a "special" image every week. Special means that it is an interesting picture, not simply/only beautiful. Even modest scopes can be used successfully and we will be very happy to review such results. Please, before to send any image, take contacts with the webmaster: otherwise, your image submission will be ignored. Of course, full credit will be given to the author, with link to her/his site, if available. We are looking forward to see many amateur astronomers images!

Gli astrofili di tutto il mondo producono spesso delle immagini straordinarie, sia con tecniche CCD che fotografiche. All'osservatorioBellatrix pensiamo che possa essere molto utile condividere alcuni di questi risultati e si è pensato allora di creare una pagina dedicata ad una foto"speciale", diversa ogni settimana. Speciale non significa solo bella.Verrano considerate anche le difficoltà operative, spesso ignorate nel valutare un'immagine. Prima di inviare file, si prega di prendere contatticon il webmaster: materiale sopraggiunto senza preaccordo verrà ignorato. Verrà dato pieno credito agli autori e verrà indicato il loro eventuale sito internet. Attendiamo impazienti di vedere le vostre immagini!

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