New variable star near M27

discovered by Gianluca Masi, Ceccano (FR) Italy

Here are displayed some images of the famous Dumbbell Nebula M27. On Aug. the 1th 1997, using a software blink comparator (see the animation above), I have noted that there is a variable star about 10' south of the nebula. This star is not reported on the GCVS IVed. and on the NSV catalogues. Here is posted the position of the star, based on the GSC:

R.A.: 19h 59m 41.92s
Delta: +22d 33' 49.6'' (J2000)

The star is clearly visible in two pictures of mine, taken on 27 and 31 Dec. 1996, while it is fainther on my picture taken on 09 Jul. 1997. The star is also present, probably near its maximum (as in my 1996 images), on the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS). On 30 Aug. 1997 the star showed a brightness similar to the one shown in the 1996 images. The star has increased its magnitude of about 1.2 mag since 09 Jul. 1997. All the images are unfiltered.

This picture was taken on 27 Dec. 1996

This picture was taken on 31 Dec. 1996

This picture was taken on 9 Jul. 1997

This picture was taken on 30 Aug. 1997

This picture was taken on 28 Nov. 1997

The star is indicated with two red lines. North is up, east on the left. If you have any possible information or picture about the star please let me know. You can have here a useful chart to find it.


Here are posted several messages that I have received about the star: the one from the editors of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars confirms that they did NOT know the star.

Janet A. Mattei, AAVSO
Brian Skiff, Lowell Observatory
Taichi Kato, VSNET
GCVS' editors
Laurent Eyer, Geneve Observatory
Andras Holl, Konkoly Observatory (IBVS)

The discovery- images above have been taken with a Vixen Super Polaris R-150S (15 cm f/5 reflector telescope) and a SBIG ST-7 CCD camera from Ceccano (FR), Italy, 213 meters above sea level. The images has been processed with CCDSoft and QMiPS32. The first check has been done using TheSky lev. IV.

Finally, I have published an IBVS issue (n. 5197) on this star, once its study has been completed.